Free Federal Retirement Training Program

Free Federal Retirement Training Program

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CFPFED Federal Employee Retirement Training Program is held monthly at various locations in DC, MD, and VA. There are three separate standalone sections that are each 1 hour. The topics covered throughout this program are:

Pension & Benefits: Pension Computation, Voluntary Early Out, FEHB, & FEGLI
Social Security: Social Security Maximization, Break-even Ages, & Spousal Benefits
Thrift Savings Plan: TSP Allocation Strategies and Risk Analysis
Tax Planning: Roth vs. Traditional (TSP/IRA’s) and RMD’s
Retirement Simulations: How to calculate when I can retire?
Estate Planning: Trusts, Inherited Retirement Accounts, Wills, & POA’s

Please contact us to learn more about the dates and locations. These seminars are typically held during lunch hours from 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM. Employees may ask their supervisor to allow them extra time as this counts towards their Individual Development Plan (IDP). Additionally, the SF-182 can be completed to request official time off.

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